Couple who spent £65k converting school bus into luxury home now offering it in raffle

A Brit couple who spent £65,000 converting a massive American yellow school bus into a luxury home are now offering it up for sale in a raffle.

Lucy Stevens, 31, and Glen Carloss, 34, bonded over their love of American cars on their first date and even spoke about a shared dream of converting a big bus.

Just a few months later they shipped the 36ft x 8ft yellow bus from New York to Southampton.

It still contained kids’ toys, discarded school jumpers and sick notes, and they spent nearly a year converting it into a mobile home.

Out came the seats and in went heating, a cinema room, a bathroom, a fireplace and a king size bed – but crucially the iconic yellow exterior remains untouched.

Videos show their entire process – and the months of blood, sweat and tears that went into the transformation.

Lucy, from Addlestone, Surrey, said: “We both shared the same dream of owning a big vehicle to do a road trip for a year or longer.

“I’ve always be obsessed with Grand Designs so to achieve something like that, to totally transform something into a liveable home for someone, it’s mad.

“We worked so hard on it, it’s been blood, sweat and tears just because we’d never taken on anything like that before.

“How we achieved the look we wanted to achieve, I’m really proud of it.”

Lucy, a nanny, went on her first date to a rooftop bar in Southbank, London, with tattoo artist Glen in July of 2019, and they quickly discovered they had a lot in common.

She said: “I told him about my dream of having an American school bus. Glen already had a passion for American cars.

“It was absolutely mental, I thought he was joking – we both had the same dream!

“So, a few months after that first date we started looking into getting one.”

They found a company who helped ship the iconic buses from the States, and after one look at their yard, the pair paid £20,000 to get their very own in November 2019.

The bus arrived in Southampton four months later in its original condition – with pupils’ names scribbled on seats and toys, hair bands, and handwritten sick notes strewn inside.

Lucy said: “It was mind-blowing to see it in person and to think about its previous use, and what we were about to turn it into.

“And it was huge, it’s so much more daunting in real life but I absolutely loved it, I couldn’t actually believe I owned it.”

The couple got to work with a full renovation – tearing out the seats and flooring before installing electrics, plumbing and heating and partitioning off the bathroom and bedroom.

They spent another £45,000 turning the old bus into a liveable space – the only one like it in the UK, they said.

They added a king-sized bed, sofa bed, dining area, compostable toilet, indoor shower, fridge, hob, oven, work desk and garage space for outdoor equipment.

The transformed vehicle also boasts a cinema room with a projector, as well as a a king-size bed, shower and electric fireplace.

The bus enthusiasts have now nearly completed another second school bus renovation which they plan to take on a road trip around American and Canada, before leasing it out as an Airbnb

Lucy and Glenn have decided to sell their first American bus in a raffle, with tickets costing just £20.

They are offering the motorhome along with £1,000 towards the category C license required to drive it as well as six months free storage.